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Condition: Site

Spencers Hut

Located at the side of the track leading out of Blue Waterholes Creek, heading south to Pockets hut.


The hut was built by Spencer to support the mining of lead in the nearby hill. There was a second hut just to the west of this location.

The hut was later used by graziers including Tom and Molly Taylor, who lived there for some years, including those with incredible snowfalls - 1942 and 1943.

It was still standing strongly in 1975, but heavy winds and snow collapsed one of the main poles, and the roof fell to the ground, complete. The photo above shows the hut as it is today.

Proposals to make the local Karst area a "Special Management Unit" to protect the caves, may see the end of this shelter.


Bush poles with an iron roof and maltoid (panel board) walls, plus iron fireplace. Dirt floor.

Caretakers - None.


  • Hueneke Pp195 and 222.

Spencers Hut ruin photo: copyright Olaf Moon

Last updated 31 October 2003.