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Condition: Site

Diane Hut

Located on the Grey Mare FT, about 3 kilometers from the Schlink Pass and hut.

This was one of 24 huts burnt to the ground in the January 2003 bushfires.

Brief History

The hut was built by the SMA as a survey shelter in the early 1950's. It used to be painted (sensibly) a bright orange colour, but this has varied over the years.

Dicky Cooper hut stood across the creek, nearby, but is now hard to find as it has collapsed in the scrub.


Diane was 5m by 3m and is built of weatherboards over a timber frame. It had a corrugated iron roof and was lined. There was one window, a wooden floor and stove.


  • Hueneke Pp 33
  • KNP POM schedule number is L.57.
 orange hut view photo: Olaf Moon 2002  orange hut walkers visit photo: Olaf Moon 2002

Last updated 1 May 2006