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Year Built: 1933
Condition: Good
HMO: Jagungal

Patons Hut

Patons Hut is a convenient rest stop on the way to Wheelers, down the firetrail from the Cabramurra Rd.

Brief History

Patons was built in 1934 by Tom and Frank Buchanan Paton, for Frank's father, Frank Mackinnon Paton for grazing.

It was then used by the SMA during the building of Tooma Dam, nearby. In 2003 it was burnt down in the fires and rebuilt in 2007/08 as the second of a set of six. This was done rapidly due to interest from related family members.


Patons measures 7.5m by 5m and has walls and a roof of corrugated iron. The floor is made of timber slabs. There is a stone fireplace with an iron flue, plus a single window.

Toilet- has a reasonably new toilet.


  • Hueneke
  • KHA Reference number is 2310
  • and the KNP POM is L.97
  • A Conservation Study exists for this hut.

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Last updated 14 August 2010.

For details on walking to this hut, see Wildwalks (external site - opens in a new window).