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Year Built: 1930
Alternate Name(s): Spencers Creek Hut
Condition: Site

Moulds Hut

Located near Spencers Peak, west of Eucumbene Dam and in the east section of the Jagungal Wilderness.

Photo: Reet Vallack, 1975

Brief History

Moulds was built by RG Mould in 1930.

Moulds was one of two huts deliberately destroyed by fire, by NPWS officers in 1977, after a mis-interpretation of the policy at the time.

A request to be allowed to re-build the hut, was denied by the NPWS in 1978.

The toilet still stands!


Moulds was 5m by 4m and built or corrugated iron, with a dirt floor.


Photo of Moulds Hut in nineteen seventy five
Photo: Bruce Adams, 1975

Last updated 23 November 2020