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Year Built: 1933
Condition: Good
HMO: Snowy

Cascade Hut

Located about 50m off the fire trail from Dead Horse Gap to Tin Mines.

Brief History

This hut was built in 1935 by Bill Nankervis and other stockmen for grazing. It originally had a bark roof, which is visible in photographs taken by the Mitchells in the 1940's.

The hut was restored in the early 1970s by the Illawarra Alpine Club. The hut and the Cascades region, inspired Elyne Mitchell's Silver Brumby books.

The Cascades themselves are to the east of the hut.


The walls are horizontal slabs, making a very authentic alpine grazing hut. The original bark roof has been replaced by iron and the dirt floor was dri-creted in 1976. Part of the floor is raised and timbered to make a sleeping platform. There is a fireplace with a rock hearth, and outside, a toilet.

Illawarra Alpine Club has been maintaining this hut, along with Tin Mines and Charlie Carters Huts, for over 40 years.


  • Hueneke Pp167-170
  • the KNP POM number is L.31.
  • There is a Conservation Study and History Notes for this hut.

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Last updated 3 March 2024