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Condition: Site

Harveys No.1 Hut

Located near Kidmans hut.

Also known as Broken Dray. (Not to be confused with Tantangara Mountain Hut, otherwise known as Harveys No.4.)

Brief History

This hut was orginally built by Albert Napthali, as a separate room onto his house (Ref 2509).

The Harvey family moved it a few miles towards Kidmans and built the new chimney.

The hut was burnt in 1976 by a NPWS ranger on instruction from the Superintendent at Smiggins Holes, although a Harvey family member claims that it would have been burnt by them before that, if they knew that NPWS were going to destroy it.

There are stories that it was not burnt deliberately, but not rescued by NPWS when it started to burn. The truth is time- and person-dependant.


  • KHA Reference number 2502.
  • Hueneke Pp120.

Last updated 31 December 2014.