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Year Built: 1961
Condition: Good

Hoggs Hut

Located on the very western edge of the national park, and south of Talbingo.

Brief History

Hoggs was built in 1961 by Len Hogg as a cattleman's shelter and later for fishing.

It was resumed in 1974, but the KNP allowed Len to maintain it and keep it locked. Today it stores materials for Search and Rescue.


Hoggs is a 5m by 4m Nissen hut with the typical curved roof. The floor is concrete and the roof and walls "Ralls?" are all one, and of curved corrugated iron.

There is an external toilet.


  • KHA Reference is 240
  • KNP POM is L.37.

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  Hoggs Hut site photo: Olaf Moon 2003 Hoggs Hut side photo: copyright Olaf Moon 2003 
 Hoggs Retreat sign photo: copyright Olaf Moon 2003

Last updated 6th January 2020.