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Year Built: 1968
Condition: Good

Ingeegoodbee Hut

Located in the deep south of KNP, about three kilometres north of the Victorian Border, near to a place known as Bill's Garden.

Access is from the cross roads of the Nine Mile Pinch FT and the Tin Mines FT. It is a short distance from the Australian Alpine Trail - few people visit as there is no sign, but the 150m track in, is very clear. A fit walker can reach here up the nine-mile pinch in about 3.5 hours.

The hut survived the 2003 fires, and is in reasonable, but not great, condition.

Brief History

This hut was built in 1968 by Ron Weston and Jimmy Bowrie for brumby running. It is no longer used for that purpose, but is still in good condition. There are more brumbies than ever in the area!

Features inside include two beds, a sink and a wood burning "Bega" stove.

Being an unauthorised structure, it was slated for removal by NPWS in 1993, but may never have been actually taken down, particularly as it is near to the Australian Alps Walking Trail.


The hut is 9m by 4.5m and built of bush timber poles, with a corrugated iron walls and roof. There is a fireplace with a rock and cement hearth, but the rest of the floor is dirt.

There are two windows, one with glass and the other needing a drop down shutter.


  • Hueneke Pp170
  • KNP POM Schedule is L.76.
  • Craig Doubleday - pers comm Oct 2006.

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Ingeegoodbie Hut sign photo olaf moon 2002

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