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Year Built: 1929
Alternate Name(s): Laurie Seaman Memorial Hut
Condition: Good

Seamans Hut

Located on the Summit road, about two thirds of the way to the summit of Kosciusko, above the Snowy River.

Also known as Laurie Seaman Memorial Hut or Seamans Memorial Chalet.

Brief History

This hut was built in 1929 by the NSW Tourist Bureau, having been financed by the American parents of Laurie Seaman. Seaman with Evan Hayes, perished in a blizzard on 14 August 1928.

Seaman was found on 9 September, very near to the current hut site, where he had waited for Hayes. Hayes body was found above Lake Cootapatamba, lying on his skis. The spot is marked by a cairn.

The hut was renovated after a fire in 1938, and has saved the lives of countless people since.


The hut is 7m by 3m in the interior and consists of two rooms. The walls are massively built of granite stones, and lined with fibro. The floor is wooden and the walls are pierced by small windows. A wood stove is installed, despite a scarcity of firewood. The roof is made of flat iron sheets.

More Information: Seamans Hut Historical BackgroundDeath on the Summit


  • Hueneke Pp 2,9,10,24.
  • KHA reference is 2415 and
  • the KNP POM number is L.27.
  • A Conservation Study and historical notes exist for this hut.

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Updated 3 March 2024