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  • About us

    About us

Welcome to the
Kosciuszko Huts Association

The Kosciuszko Huts Association (KHA) is a voluntary association formed in 1971 to assist with the conservation, management and reconstruction of huts, homesteads and surrounds within Kosciuszko National Park (KNP) in southern NSW. Our activities expanded into Namadgi National Park (NNP) in the ACT in 1990.

For more than fifty years KHA has carried out maintenance activities on most of the 90 or so remaining huts and homesteads in KNP and NPP. A network of caretakers, both groups and individuals, make annual inspection visits to their allocated hut or huts to document the material state of the hut and to develop work plans. They also undertake small repairs as needed.

The caretaker network is managed by KHA, with KHA providing the liaison between the caretakers and state and territory land management agencies.


What we do

  • Protect and enhance the cultural heritage values
  • Conserve historic huts and associated structures
  • Provide input into government planning processes
  • Create heritage awareness amongst the general public
  • Maintain the art and craft of traditional bush building skills and knowledge.

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400 + Memberships

75 + Huts

Preserving the heritage huts for future generations.

About Us

The NSW Government requires KHA volunteers working in the park, to indemnify it against any third party legal action resulting from KHA's activities. KHA has obtained insurance cover for the benefit of members and pays for it though membership fees.

Financial KHA members are welcome to attend hut work parties. For upcoming workparties, please check the calendar (you need to be logged in to see it) or contact the relevant Hut Maintenance Officer (HMO). 

Constitution of the Kosciuszko Huts
Association - 
May 2018
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Inaugural KHA Committee 1972, photo Reet Vallak Collection

PresidentsLife Members
Robin Miller 1971-73  
Robert Storey 1973-76 Pieter Arriens
Reet Vallak 1976-78 Charles Warner
Pieter Arriens 1978-80 Paddy Pallin 1981
Klaus Hueneke 1980-81 Ted Winter 1981
Lee Martin 1981-82 Bob and Sybil Story 1988
John Marsh 1982-84 Reet Vallak 1988
Mike Hinchey 1984-86 Klaus Hueneke AM 1992
Bren Milsom 1986-87 Harry Hill 1997
Graham Scully 1987-92 Deidre Shaw 1999
John Hamilton 1992-93 Jack Palmer 1999
Dean Turner 1992-94 Alan Bunsell 2000
Maurice Sexton 1994-96 Maurice Sexton AM 2000
David Eddy 1996-98 Graham Scully 2000
Pauline Downing 1998 to 2001 Pauline Downing 2002
Maurice Sexton OAM 2001 to 2003 Barbara Seymour 2004
Mark Cleghorn 2003 to Jan 2007 Jerry Gregg 2004
Ian Frakes (Acting President) Jan 2007 to May 2007 Noel Gough 2005
Bob Moon 2007 to 2009 Jane Wheaton 2007
Carl Bazeley 2009 to 2010 Bob Moon 2012
Bob Moon 2010 to 2012 Ian Frakes 2012
Barbara Seymour 2012 to 2015 Clive Richardson 2014
Bob Moon 2015 to 2017 Pat & Sue Edmondson 2014
Bob Salijevic May 2017 to Oct 2017 David & Sylvia Mitchell 2016
Clive Richardson (Acting President) Oct 2017 to May 2020 Pip Brown 2016
Simon Buckpitt May 2020 to April 2023 Narelle Irvine 2016
Pip Brown May 2023 to present