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Year Built: 1950s
Alternate Name(s): SMA, Linesmans, Jagungal
Condition: Good
HMO: Jagungal

Derschkos Hut

Located in the centre of the Jagungal wilderness, hidden behind a hill near Pugilistic Creek, and about 2 Km from the road junction from Grey Mare to Round Mountain fire trail. It is only accessible on foot, or by approved access over a management firetrail.

Brief History

The hut was built by the SMA in the early 1950's, and used by an hydrologist named Derschkos.

The Construction of the hut is professional, with three rooms covering an area of about 6.5m square. The roof is of iron, the floor of timber and walls of weatherboards. The hut is lined with masonite. There are four windows that may be opened. The outer cladding was replaced in 2011.

This hut is fitted with a pot belly stove, although a walk is required to find firewood. Water is available in a small creek 10m from the building.

There is also a separate "loo with a view" and a locked storage shed. The latter was burnt down in the 2003 fires, creating a fear that the actual hut had gone, but that was not the case.


Being the nearest hut to Jagungal, it is particularly popular with skiers and walkers. In the 1970's it was in pristine condition, being regularly re-painted, including a candy striped roof.

A number of lives have been saved by this hut, as for Mawsons.



  • Hueneke K, "Huts of the High Country" P 43-45.
  • KNP Plan of Management Schedule number is L.55.

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Last updated 223 November 2020