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Year Built: 1943
Condition: Good
HMO: Tantangara

Millers Hut

Located on Long Plain, about 1Km off the Port Phillip Fire Trail, to the south. There is no track to the hut, although one is forming as more people visit. 

Brief History

Millers was built of second hand materials by Theo and Bill Miller reportedly in two days in 1943-1944. It is a favourite place for people seeking peace and quiet, being easily accessible, but not shown on maps, nor commonly known about.


A wooden floor is a key feature in an otherwise galvanised iron hut (both walls and roof). A chimney of iron also, with a rock hearth.



  • Hueneke Pp 194
  • KNP POM L.89.
  • A conservation study exists.

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Last updated 9 June 2009.