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Cool Plain Hut

Located at Cool Plain, west of Round Mountain.

Photo: Ian Frakes 1986 - Who spent a very cold night there!

The hut was lost to a bushfire in the 1990's.

A nostalgia moment! Here is Cool Plain Hut photographed in 1984.

The hut, now a ruin, was in a remote corner of Kosciuszko National Park, west of Round Mountain and near a tributary of Ogilvies Creek.

Visitors to the hut recall that someone with a sense of humour had installed a switch at the door with a sign asking you to turn off the light before you left.

The knee-high grasses and wildflowers that surround the hut in this photo are part of what makes Kosciuszko so special.

Image: Jean Douglass 1984.

 Photo of Cool Plain Hut: Jean Douglas 1984