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Condition: Good

MacIntyres Hut

The hut is accessible by 4WD from Canberra via Picadilly Circus to Brindabella Road. Turn right about half way down to the Valley from PC and follow the road past Flea Creek, up hill then left down a steep incline to the hut. Warning, this is a tough 4WD trip if the road is wet. It is on the Goodradigbee River and being in NSW is outside of Namadgi - but inside Brindabella NP. A great place to camp.


This hut was built by Les MacIntyre OAM (who passed away in February 22, 2009) in the 1960's. It was pre-fabricated by Jim McGivern of Queanbeyan, who was a coachbuilder, then transported to the site using an original army Blitz Wagon.

The original site was leased by Fred Tutty who later gave Les McIntyre permission to build on it, however he was later sent letters by the Department of the Interior, demanding that the hut be taken down. In the late 1960s a group of bushwalkers who were lost in mid-winter, found refuge in the hut, a fact widely reported in the local press. As a result, Lou Engledow, then Secretary for the Interior wrote to Les and confirmed that the Department would officially recognise the huts exsistence.

The hut was burnt down by vandals in 1999 but rebuilt by generous volunteers from local 4WD and bike clubs plus various members of the Longergan and Colquhoun families.

Made famous as the starting point for one of the main fires in January 2003 (but was not damaged by them).


Poles and iron. Wooden floor and two windows plus a gable roof and veranda.


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Last updated 22 November 2020