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Committee Member: 2003 – 2007

President: 2007 - 2009, 2010 - 2012, 2015 - 2017

Life Member: 2012

Born in Cooma (NSW) during the Snowy Mountains Scheme Bob was introduced to the Snowy Mountains at a tender age. Bob’s father worked in many of the camps during the building of the Snowy Scheme and during this time introduced to the Alpine bush. Bob can remember the time when you could drive to the summit of Mt Kosciuszko during the summer months and a van was there selling pies, drinks etc.

Bob became aware of KHA when he and two of his mates spent a week walking from Kiandra to Kosciuszko. During the last evening a KHA brochure was discovered and Bob decided to join.

Bob is also a keen fly fishing person and during his fishing trips loves to explore the rivers and dams not only for the trout but their beauty in the Alpine environment. Bob has always said you don’t need to catch a fish to enjoy the day!

It didn’t take long for Bob to get involved and his passion for the Alps was increased during the horrendous bush fires of 2003. It was after these fires Bob was tasked in organising a committee to develop a plan for the re-building of huts lost in the fires.

It was fortunate for Bob and KHA that a Kosciuszko Park Ranger, Megan Bowden was appointed by Parks to also look at rebuilding lost huts. It didn’t take long for Bob and Megan to form a bond which saw both parties working together in the rebuild of 12 Huts.

Bob was President for 6 years and was devoted in getting KHA noticed in the Alpine Community and beyond. Bob was interviewed a few times by ABC radio and involved in two documentaries regarding huts. The Canberra Times also did a few articles with Bob about Huts and KHA involvement. Bob stepped down from President in 2018 but still has a involvement with KHA.

Bob's tenure was marked by many other acheivements; finalising the KNP Plan of management, including the Huts Conservation Strategy, development of a Memorandum of Understanding between KHA and NPWS, updating the KHA Constitution, with help from Clive Richardson, introducing formal WH&S training for KHA members, extensive consultation with NPWS on a wide range of sensitive matters critical to KHA's contined operation.

Bob also worked up some important one off heritage project grants; the Tralee Foundry building restoration, a great project marred a lot of unhelpful politics and failure of ongoing support from ACT Heritage, and major works on ACT Parks Orroral Homestead. These projects involved many hours of volunteer work from Bob personally and other KHA members.

Bob also made the Committee meetings fun! Those serving on the committee will remember that prior to 2007, much was acheived, but not without a lot of committee burnout. Bob actively recruited new members and Huts Maintenance Officers. Bob is still involved with KHA, as caretaker of Pretty Plain Hut, attends workparties and enjoys fly fishing around Currango.

Updated 29th August 2019