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 In 1989, Rosemary Curry recorded the following interviews with Gladys Weston and Emily McGufficke.

Gladys Weston: We used a sleeping bag on the ground ... there was no hut. 

Extract from Gooandra Conservation Study, prepared for the Kosciusko Huts Association by Matthew Higgins and David Scott, November 1991

From tthe archives, the attached letter was sent to Graham Scully in 1988 when KHA was negotiating with NPWS for the stabilisation/conservation of Gooandra. The letter was written by Janet Lott, daugter of Carl Wilkinson Lampe, 1902-1975 and contains many valuable contemporary memories passed down to her from her father and uncles.

Herbert "Herb" Hain built Hain's hut on a summer grazing lease held by his mother, Elizabeth Janet Hain in 1948. Herb was a high country character, and received the "Man from Snowy River Award" following his discovery of the missing aircraft Southern Cloud.

Horse Camp Hut is believed to have been constructed within the period 1933-39 as a shelter for stockmen working the Clarke brothers’ snowlease. The hut was modified by the Snowy Mountains Authority c1949-51, as a base for horseback mounted teams undertaking survey work on the first capital project of the Snowy Mountains Scheme — the Guthega dam, aqueducts and power station.

Oral History Herbert Hain
Interview by Edie Swift

Oral History Herbert Hain
Interviewed by Edie Swift

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Joan: 'the prettiest girl in the mountains'

Extract from Kells Hut Conservation Study, prepared by David Scott, September 1990.

Extract from Matthews Cottage Conservation Study, prepared for NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service by David Scott, October 1993.

Mawson’s Hut was built in the summer of 1930-31 by Herb Mawson, the manager of Bobundra Station, for stockman tending 10,000 sheep on the lease between December and April each year. By the mid-1930s the hut had also become popular as a base for skiers touring to Mt Jagungal or undertaking the Kiandra to Kosciuszko traverse.