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During a recent workparty at Pretty Plain Hut we discovered this eulogy in the logbook to Des Healy (1960-2019) by his son Josh Healy of Wodonga.

Reproduced here as text:

29/04/2019 Josh Healy Wodonga, walked in from Tooma Dam.

My father (Des Healy) worked for the KNP and assisted with the rebuild of Pretty Plain hut.
Des always loved this area and spoke so much about this hut and Wheelers. He saved Wheelers Hut from burning in 2003, which I’m told got him in quite a bit of trouble., but was worth it he said ha ha.

Sadly dad passed away on the 18th of March 2019. He always told me I had to make the trip up to this hut. Whilst construction of this hut was underway Des brought my grandfather up here) Neville Hewatt) who was very familiar with the original hut as he had a grazing lease in this area in the 1950’s.

Pa has often told me of his time as a grazier up here. He use to come here all by himself as a teenager (first trip he was only 14) from Towong Vic with 60 sheep, 2 horses and his cattle dogs. He said said that he would only bring a warm coat and a blanket to keep him warm, and of course a fishing rod.

My great grandfather (Alfred Hewatt or ‘Darkey’) use to ride up to the gauging station below the crossing from Wheelers hut from Towong to check the river level. He would leave at 3am on horse back and return late at night. He later became a dog trapper at Tom Groggin and lived in what is now known as Darkeys Hut.

My Dad was a great man and he loved being up here. The Jagungal Wilderness will always be his home. Rest in peace.

Desmond Healy 03/06/1960 - 18/03/2019

24 years service with the Kosciuszko National Parks.

Image of Pretty Plain logbook page Eulogy for Des Healy April 2019