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Photo of woodhouse creek huts

Located at GR 583 768 on the Bairnsdale-Dargo-Omeo map near to Moscow Villa.

Photo: Gary Duncan, 2005

Photo of Wrens hut two thousand and three

Located at Mount Sunday Road.

Shown on the Skene North map at GR444669.

Photo: Ron Dickson, 2003

Photo of Woolybutt Hutt Tallangatta Ski Club

Located at Mt Wills, off the Mt Wills Track.

On the Bogong High Plains map at GR 417277.

Photo: Klaus Huneke, 2003








Located at Mt Jim, Bogong High Plains.

On the Feathertop map at GR191103, elevation 1640m

Photo: Richard Clarke, 2014


Photo of woolybutt spur hut

Located at Woollybutt Spur Logging Road.

Photo: Bill Statton

Profile prepared 12 June 2006.