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photo of cleve cole hut two thousand and eight
photo of cleve cole hut two thousand and eight

Located on the Camp Valley Walking Track, Camp Valley, Bogong High Plains, GR291319 on the "Nelse" map. Located at snow pole number 1191.

Photo: Ian Frakes 2008

Brief History

Photo: D Steers

photo of cleve cole hut in the summer

Built in 1937 for the Ski Club of Victoria, and dedicated to pioneer skier, Cleve Cole. Cleve died on a disastrous ski trip across the high plains with experienced Mick Hull and Howard Michell. Cole was a keen skier and scoutmaster, and built the first Bivouac Hut with Walter Maddison. (The recent version of Bivouac Hut was built by the Victorian Government in 1980).

Photo: Ian Frakes 2006.

cleve cole convivial
cleve cole convivial

The genesis of the hut was at a SCV meeting in August 1936, when a committee was formed