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photo of gardiners hut
photo of gardiners hut

Located at Howqua River, Brocks Road, Tunnel Spur, at GR447835 on the Buller Stirling or Buller South Map 8123-1S. Access is from the Gardners Carpark at 446883. NOTE: that this hut is locked unless you obtain the key first.

Courtesy of Ron Dickson, 2004

Also known as Four Mile Hut or Gardners Hut.


Photo: Klaus Hueneke, 2002

photo of gardiners hutThis is a fisherman's hut built by Fred Fry in about 1948 after a Permissive Occupancy was granted to him on 1 September 1947. It was named after W. Gardner, who assisted in its construction and wrote a recent history of it.

The hut is two buildings joined by a veranda, with the first part being a bunk house that came from the Albert Park Military Camp in Melbourne. This forms the dormitory hut end.

The hut received restoration by Alex Andselkovic in 1986.

The hut is commonly used when search and rescue or other emergencies drive a need for accommodation in the area.


The hut was built from two shelters, with a roof on poles between. The chimney is made of bricks from a nearby mine.

Caretakers - None listed.


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Profile updated 21 June 2005.