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Thank you for your continued support for the Kosciuszko Huts Association.

Example Profile Page
Example Profile Page

To renew your membership

Simply log in to the website by clicking on the left hand side menu item:


And entering your previously supplied username and password in the boxes provided.

You can open the same link in another window by clicking on the word Login below:


The first page you encounter will be your KHA profile page, see the screenshot to the right -->

Scroll down a bit to see your membership status and expiry date.

If you have expired or close to it, just click on the 'Renew Now: 1 year for AUD ##.00'

Then follow the prompts.





If you have forgotten your username/password

Go to the login page as above

See example in the screenshot below...

Click on the Forgot your password? or Forgot your username?

Follow the prompts to reset your password or username.

The robot will email this to the email address you provided to KHA when you set up your account.

if that may have changed, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Login Page
Login Page