Friday, November 27, 2015
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No Calendar for 2016

We are very sorry, but KHA will not be publishing a calendar for the 2016 year. 

We have found it very time-consuming for our scarce volunteers, and prefer to direct the resources to the maintenance of huts.


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Hut Photographs


The website has recently been updated to include a gallery of all the photos we have for each hut. 

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Rabbit Rissoles

(c) Pauline Downing 2015

My family was decimated by the loss of its male relatives through both war and bureaucracy. Grandfather fought at Gallipoli and most of the other theatres of WWI and while on leave in England came to love and marry my grandmother. Just before Christmas 1919 she emigrated to Australia on board the same troop ship as her soldier husband and many of our returning troops. Australian soldiers brought back more than 12,000 war brides after World War 1.

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O'Keefe Hut smoking chimney fixed!

phoo of okeefe hut nordic ski club trip 2009

NPWS advise after extensive work on the chimney the fireplace does not smoke any more. This was confirmed to NPWS by a recent visitor.

KHA welcomes any other reports, please contact

photo: Nordic Ski Club NSW 2009

Pauline Downing: More huts

p downing huts homesteads knp

Pauline Downing has produced a sister publication to her "Historic Huts and Homesteads of the Namadgi National Park" for Kosciuszko Park.

Retail price is now $20.00 incl. postage. The book is 200 pp b/w with over 300 photographs and paintings. Both publications can be purchased from Pauline at: Pauline Downing phone:(02) 4655-3622

PO Box 525 CAMDEN NSW 2570 or

pd namadgi huts

Also Huts and Homesteads of Namadgi National Park

Pauline has a few copies left at $10 including postage.










Harry Hill: Beware of bush tucker

botanical drawing of the hemlock poisonous plant

The Blue Waterholes on the head of the Goodradigbee River, is one of my favourite spots in KNP. I've visited it at least 20 times to camp, fish, explore and especially to walk down the limestone gorge, criss-crossing the water course to have lunch at the waterfall. On one visit I found that a Park Ranger had collected a group of about ten visitors to lead them on a conducted walk. I knew the ranger and she asked me to join the group - we could both give the commentary.




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The Men from Snowy River

photo of the the men from snowy river flagDuring World War 1, recruitment marches or snowball marches to Sydney were a feature of volunteer recruiting drives for the Australian Imperial Force in rural New South Wales, Australia. Between October 1915 and February 1916, nine marches were held starting from various points in the state; the most notable was the first march from Gilgandra, known as the Cooee march. There was also a similar march in south-eastern Queensland.



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New stove for Tin Hut - updated

tin hut new stove MZ 20140831

Last year, 2013, KHA purchased a replacement pot bellied stove for Tin Hut, the old one had well and truly had it after many decades of service.

NPWS kindly flew the new one in and installed it for us.

 Recently Martin enjoyed the new stove's hospitality and kindly send in a couple of photos so we could all share the warmth!

Thank you Martin.

The survival hut at Lake Albina - 1984.

Lake Albina Survival Hut Reet ValackTHE SURVIVAL HUT at LAKE ALBINA
John Anderson

photo: Reet Valack 1984.

A whiteout is an occupational hazard for ski tourers on the Main Range. While low cloud and reduced visibility may occur at any time of the year, it is during winter with a blanket of freshly fallen snow covering the mountains, that the true whiteout is experienced.


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