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Bendora Hut NNP - Workparty 6th June - UPDATE

Photo of bendora hut Namadgi national park actContact hmonamadgi@khuts.org this workparty may be deferred.
Advance notice of a 3 day workparty at Bendora Hut in the Brindabellas.
Date 6-8th June 2015, it is s a long weekend.
For financial KHA members.
Bendora Hut was built to service workers creating the new Arboretum in the 1920's.
The Arboretum has 80+ plots where various species of tree were planted to help determine appropriate trees for Canberra City and for afforestation purposes.
It was welcome shelter in the cold months, much snow fell in that era and lay about for long periods.
There are a number of jobs to do, most of a repair/fix variety using common hand tools except for some test digging around some suspect stumps.
We may need to install a new water tank including laying concrete slab, Parks would provide all materials. This task is a maybe at this stage.
The workparty will be subject to weather conditions, in any case it will be cold, 4WD not necessary. Vehicles would need to be "sanitised" at the Parks depot at Cotter, There is wash facility there. This is to prevent disease being carried into the Arboretum on a vehicle.  From the Brindabella Road, we will drive 1.5 km on an all weather road in to the hut.
Please let me know if you are interested.
Bob Salijevic
Reply Address: hmonamadgi@khuts.org

The Wood Gobbler

A not-quite-traditional Easter workparty for Tin Mines Barn was held this year at Waste Point  by members and friends of the Illawarra Alpine Club and NPWS staff.
Over 500 shingles for the barn need to be replaced and they are 900 mm long - twice as long as standard.
This represents a huge investment in time and labour using traditional methods - shown at the start of the video.
However an ingenious solution to the problem was developed by Col Wooden (KHA), Pat Edmondson (Life Member Illawarra Alpine Club, Life Member KHA) and Gary McDougal (NPWS).

Tin Mines Work Party - Easter 2012

Flattering: a press release from NPWS --

24 April 2012

Volunteers Easter efforts give historic mountain huts some much needed TLC


Whilst many visitors to Kosciuszko National Park over Easter enjoyed their time relaxing and recreating within the park, an intrepid band of volunteers from the Illawarra Alpine Club continued their Easter tradition of putting something back into the Park that they love to enjoy.

 The club which operates its Club ski lodge at Smiggin Holes, also operates as a volunteer Hut Caretaker Group under the auspices of the Kosciusko Huts Association, helping to maintain and preserve the iconic mountain huts within Kosciuszko National Park.

 NPWS Snowy River Area Manager, Pam Oâ

Round Mountain to Snakey Plain in Eight Days

Robyn inspecting fresh December snow at Wheelers Hut 2013

Round Mountain to Snakey Plain in Eight Days – Dec 2013 

Bob Clifton - December 2013

Newcastle Ramblers Bushwalking Club

After ten hours of driving our group made it to Round Mountain Hut (1520m), a short downhill walk from the Tooma Road, and were in camp by 5.00pm with a pleasant fire going as the shadows closed over Mt Jagungal in the distance.

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Tom Groggin Social Weekend

Combined KHA/Vic Huts activity.

From Barbara Seymour:

"Camp was made at Tom Groggin camp site and activities included travelling to a number of Vic Huts and the Geehi Huts. A visit to Jack Riley's hut site was made on Sunday morning and after lunch everyone drove over to Tom Groggin Station where Ken Nankervis spoke to a very captive audience of the days when the Nankervis family owned the Station. Full report and more photos in the next KHA Newsletter."

Barbara also sent in these photos:


Coming in from the other Side

Mackays after Carolyn Macdonald 2013An article by Carolyn MacDonald

Photos: Carolyn Macdonald

While volunteering on the Orange Hawkweed program this year I learnt from the local Park ranger that Bob the taxi driver in Corryong can drive people up the Cabramurra Road in winter. Coming from Adelaide this made sense to cut out the Alpine Way and reducing our drive time and distance. This was especially relevant this year as we would have been trying to drive the Alpine Way just after it had been blocked by the landslide. Not only that, Bob supplies you with a pile of yummy homemade sandwiches, tea, coffee and hot chocolate to help you on your way.

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KHA GPS workshop

Participants at the GPS WorkshopAn enthusiastic group of KHA members and NPWS personnel gathered at Currango over the weekend of 26th/27th May 2012 to attend the GPS Workshop.

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KHA Joins the fight against the Hawkweed menace

KHA is assisting NPWS by:

  • Laminating and taking posters into huts,
  • through the website and eNews promoting the potential disastrous consequences of this weed,
  • advertising the December to February based Khancoban program and gaining volunteers

Photo of volunteers searching for Orange Hawkweed

Volunteers searching for Orange Hawkweed

Photo: www.wildmob.org

2012 AGM Results

Another successful KHA AGM took place at the luxurious Boali Lodge at Thredbo!

Immediate past President Bob Moon was awarded Life membership.

Welcome new President Barbara Seymour.

Attached below are slide shows presented by NPWS Ranger Megan Bowden, along with the Treasurer's and Auditor's reports.