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Wild Mag article: Happy Huts

4 mile hut BSIn this excerpt from the article originally published in WILD Magazine No 138 p54.

Ricky French, a New Zealand freelance writer.

He interviews KHA President Barbara Seymour and Life Member Klaus Hueneke AM.

That's not to say that Australia doesn't have its own love-affair with huts, it's just that the relationship is more nostalgic. Klaus Hueneke is one of Australia's most knowledgeable authorities on huts in the NSW and Victorian high-country...

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KHA Newsletter Index

ISSUES 1 to 140


The object of this document is to create an index to the contents of all newsletters published by the
Association to enable a search for any published topic.

SUBJECT listing is topics other than hut names.
HUTS listing is references to a hut name.
PUBLICATIONS listing is details of any publication described and also lists the poems.
Newsletters held in the Association office are bound in numerical and therefore chronological order except for several errors listed below. These errors however do not overly complicate the location of material.
Each reference is identified by a two part numeric or alpha numeric code as follows.
22/6 means the item is to be found in newsletter number 22 on page 6.
Some none newsletter material is sometimes bound between consecutive newsletters. This material includes AGM minutes, membership lists, correspondence, huts lists and the like whether or not the material was actually issued with the preceding newsletter.
17/A means that the item referred to is found in material bound in a position following newsletter 17.
Be aware that items of information can occur multiple times in the text. For instance an item about a hut can be reported in a mid year newsletter then later in the AGM presidents report and perhaps in the HMO
report as well. No attempt has been made to filter these occurrences.

Volume 1 Newsletter 13 appears in two places. The references to 13/A apply to the second position of newsletter 13 which is positioned following newsletter 14.
Volume 1 Newsletter 16 is duplicated after newsletter 18 but references can be used with either version.

Section 1 Hut name references.
Section 2 Subject references other than hut names.
Section 3A Book and other publication titles.
Section 3B Poems from the newsletters.

1 October 1970 45 March 1984
2 February 1972 46 July 1984
3 August 1972 47 October 1984
4 February 1973 48 January 1985
5 May 1973 49 April 1985
6 October 1973 50 August 1985
7 February 1974 51 November 1985
8 May 1974 52 February 1986
9 May 1974 53 July 1986
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NOTES :- 1) Most mentions of a hut name are included in this index. The reference is in a newsletter number / page form. Copies of early newsletters are bound in book form and are held in the KHA office. Newsletter number / A means there is a document which is not a newsletter bound after the numbered newsletter and the item is in this document.
2) Because items are often mentioned both in a newsletter and in the following AGM reports there is some duplication of information under different reference numbers.
3) References enclosed in brackets are significant articles while others are references to work party dates or similar minor items of information.
4) In a few instances a hut name has not been referenced in the index. This happens when a hut name appears in an article about something else in the form â

Namadgi Historic Homesteads Walking Tour

Three restored huts in the south of the Namadgi National Park have been selected for an historical walking tour.

These huts are all within three kilometres of each other, and can visited in one day out of Canberra.

A booklet is available descibing the walk and the homesteads:

The Settlers Track

More information on these huts is available:

Hut Information Additional Photographs
David Brayshaws Hut Link Link
Waterhole Hut Link Link
Westermans Hut Link Link

New Book: Dianne Johnson "Hut in the Wild"

Photo of book huts in the wildHut in the Wild by Di Johnson

 PLEASE NOTE: Copies will be available for sale at the KHA AGM on 14 May at $20 each.

A new book by well-known Blue Mountains author and anthropologist Dr Dianne Johnson has just been released. Hut in the Wild represents a departure from her academic writing such as Night Skies in Aboriginal Australia: A Noctuary and Sacred Waters: The Story of the Blue Mountains Gully Traditional Owners which won the NSW Premierâ

Story Telling

The history of the people of the Snowy Mountains has largely been an oral one.

Over the last twenty years, individuals such as Mathew Higgins and Klaus Hueneke have collected their stories, often on audio tape, copies of which now reside in the National Library of Australia, with the authors and with KHA. Many of these have been translated into print, both in magazines and books.


Many relevant books can be found at the Tabletop Press website. This company is the publisher of books relating to the high country by Klaus Hueneke and others.

Bibliography - Victorian Huts

Hueneke, Klaus "Huts in the Victorian Alps" ($44.95) Tabletop Press 2003.

Bibliography for Kosciusko NP


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Bibliography for Namadgi NP

This list courtesy of Babette Scougall 2002.

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Tasmanian Huts Bibliography

Cubit, Simon "Snarers and Cattlemen of the Mersey High Country " Regal Press 1987, 1988.

Cubit, Simon and Murray, Des "A High Country Heritage " Regal Press 1988.

Cubit, Simon "Our Disappearing Heritage " Regal Press.

Cubit, Simon Old Pelion Hut - Article in Heritage Australia Vol. 17 #1, Autumn 1988 Pp 26 - 28.

Regal Press can be contacted on 03-6331 4222 or at PO Box 7508, Launceston, Tasmania 7250.

Last updated 7 October, 2010.

CSIRO Rabbit Research Hut

A detailed report on the CSIRO Rabbit Research Hut by Graham Scully, coordinator of the Huts and Histroy Group for KHA.

Based on a site visit 6-8 December 2005 and interviews with some of the men who worked there between 1965 and 1980.

Download PDF (7.6MB)

KHA Archives in the National Library of Australia (NLA)

The KHA has accumulated priceless materials over the years, that reflect our mountain heritage. Periodically, we lodge more documents, photographs, maps etc in our Archive at the National Library of Australia (NLA) in Canberra. Anyone may view them on request. Examples include:


A: Records for KHA as an Organisation and KNP

  1. Minutes of the inaugural KHA Meeting 5 December 1970.
  2. Minutes of the inaugural Annual General Meeting of KHA 8 May 1971, plus subsequent AGMs to 15 April 1989.
  3. KHA Committee Meeting minutes 3 July 1971 - March 1988.
  4. KHA General Correspondence 26 August 1971 to April 1987.
  5. HMO Correspondence 18 January 1974 to 17 December 1982.
  6. Kosciusko State Trust, Recommendations regarding Jagungal Wilderness area, Meeting Mawsons Hut, 16 January 1965.
  7. Constitution of KHA 1971 -78
  8. Huts Policy Papers 1972 to 1981.
  9. NSW NPWS, KNP Plan of Management (POM) 1982 and Draft Plan of Management 1981
  10. Kosciusko Huts Briefs, Numbers 1-15 and 21.
  11. KHA Publicity papers 1971-2.
  12. \"Huts Book\" (draft of booklet outlining the history of building of huts and their use - 1977)
  13. Membership Survey 1986
  14. Membership reports and working papers 1986-87.
  15. KHA notes for Caretakers of shelter huts - 1974
  16. Drawings of KHA Prototype Hut No.2 1971.
  17. Copies of statements and receipts for years ended 28.2.1973, 28.2.1976 - 29.2 1989.
  18. Papers related to the campaign to save Bill Jones Hut 1987-1988, plus Cooleman Karst Area POM.
  19. Correspondence from YHA, letter from Town Clerk Albury re creation of a chain of hostels in KNP in 1944.
  20. KHA Comments from Ian McAuley to the Draft KNP Plan of Managment (POM) 12 June 1981.
  21. \"Huts of the High Country\" - second draft from Klaus Hueneke - KHA copy.
  22. Record of Anniversary Ski tour from Kiandra to Guthega, June to August 1977.
  23. Orders for Kiandra to kosciusko commemorative print, 1977.
  24. Kiandra - Kosciusko 1927 to 1977 Commemorative Poster.
  25. Miscellaneous publications
  26. Press Clippings 1971 to 1991.

B:  KHA Records Related to Namadgi National Park

  1. KHA Submission on the POM for Namadgi National Park, January 1985.
  2. Interview Summaries - Namadgi Oral History Project 1990.
  3. KHA Oral History Project 5.6.1990 to 23.10.1990 - Permission and Copyright forms, correspondence from P Wardle, Bill Bootes, T. Gregory, LD Pryor, D Curtis, Colin Curtis, Noel Luton, Clatus Crawford, S. Goodhew, Roma Brayshaw, Max Oldfield, Hugh Read, Everard Oldfield, Stumpy Oldfield, R. F. Alder, Granville Crawford, Dulcie Oldfield, AR Bagnall, Jack Reid, Lawrence Tong, TE Brayshaw.
  4. Papers re early days in Namadgi
  5. Copy of manuscript written by Ted Lee, relating to Marmaduke Lee, who bought Gudgenby Station, 1907.
  6. Copies of papers relating to Gudgenby from the collection of Bill Bootes 1879 - 1926.

C: Namadgi Records - Interviews - Series 3

Summaries and some correspondence for

  • Roma Brayshaw
  • Pat Wardle
  • Alan Bagnall
  • Everard Oldfield
  • Max Oldfield
  • Stumpy Oldfield
  • Lindsay Pryor
  • Tom Brayshaw
  • Stan Goodhew.

D: Bill Bootes Collection - Series 6 (Mostly copies)

  1. Plan of Old Gudgenby as Roma Brayshaw knew it in the 1920's
  2. Notes from EM Jamieson - Open Day organised by the National Trust.
  3. Copy of letter from Bruce Moore re grave at Gudgenby 10.2.78
  4. Notice in NSW Government Gazette No.74 related to plants classified as \"scrub\" at Gudgenby.
  5. Letter from the FCC to Mr P Smith guaranteeing no acquisition of property for at least 10 years 25.5.1926.
  6. Indenture for mortgage RB McMakin 4 January 1900.
  7. Ditto 21 December 1899
  8. Three transfers of Mortgage to AE Sendall 12 November 1919.
  9. Grant of Scrub Lease to MW Lee 2 February 1910
  10. Indenture for Mortgage MW Lee 14 February 1923.
  11. Discharge of Mortgage of Conditional Purchases 4 March 1915.
  12. Indenture of Mortgage MW Lee and RF Davidson 18 December 1918.
  13. Indenture of Mortgage MW Lee 31 May 1907
  14. Indenture of Mortgage MW Lee and FK Chisholm 29 March 1915
  15. Valuation of Gudgenby for AGW Bootes 18 January 1927
  16. Plans of Portions 3-8, 10-17, 19, 21 of the County of Cowley, Parish of Gudgenby between 30 January 1879 and 9 November 1892.
  17. Plan of conditional Leases Parish of Gudgenby No's 758 and 759.
  18. Plans of Gudgenby TR 29 September 1896.
  19. Plans of Converted pre-lease No 1273, Parish of Gudgenby 19 December 1885.

E: KHA Huts Policy Papers- Series 8.

  1. Working papers related to 1972 policy of KHA, including a draft submission of 1970 from CBC and Canberra Outdoor Groups on the Kosciusko State Park.
  2. Policy on the use, maintenance and development of huts in KNP, General Meeting 15 April 1972.
  3. Draft letter to Director NPWS following General Meeting 15 April 1972, submitting the KHA policy on huts.
  4. Statement on KHA policy prepared by John Marsh of the Bogong Group - submission to the AGM in 1977 (may not have been submitted).
  5. Draft policy on huts, discussed by KHA committee 17 February 1978.
  6. Ditto - presumed final.
  7. KHA submission on the Draft Plan of Managment (POM) Kosciusko National Park 1981, including working papers.
  8. KHA Submission on NPWS Draft Huts Policy, Discussed at the AGM 28 April 1979.
  9. NPWS Huts Policy Circular on Huts in Parks Policy - March 1979.
  10. NPWS: Extract of resolution of Policies and Priorities Committee policy on huts, November 1979.
  11. KHA response to planning issues statement - Huts April 1980 - including member comments and reply from the Minster for Planning and Environment.
  12. Copy of letter from Peter Arriens to Superintendent, KNP commenting on NPWS "Huts in Wilderness and other remote areas of KNP" - no date.
  13. Draft of letter from the President KHA to the Minister for Planning and Environment 1 July 1980, commenting on the Planning issue statement "Huts".
  14. Draft response from Dr Robert Story to the Planning issue statement 1980 (a classic!)
  15. "Towards managment of a National Huts System for the Kosciusko National Park" approved at the AGM in 1980.
  16. KHA submisssion on the Draft Plan of Management KNP 1981, including working papers.
  17. NPWS: Plan of Management Review, KNP Planning Issues Statement :Huts - April 1980.
  18. Drafts used in preparation of the KHA Submission on the Draft POM 1981, follwing the KHA meeting of 24 June 1981 at which topics were assigned to members.
  19. Copy of Appendix C: "The Australian ICOMOS Charter for trhe Conservation of Places of Cultural Significance\" (The Burra Charter) - undated.

F: The Dr Herbert Schlink Ski and Hut Archives.

Lady Schlink donated a substantial range of materials to KHA on 11 July 1987, which were then included in the KHA NLA Archive. His brief biography is on this site. In summary, the items include:

1. Australian Ski Year Books, 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, plus lectures and articles related to skiing, by Dr Schlink.

2. A range of items related to the Snowy Mountains Scheme, Dr Schlink's visits, letters and items related to development and the role of Sir William Hudson.

3. A range of newspaper articles, photographs and letters relating to early Kosciusko days, including letters (and replies) to Lord Denman, The Australian Prime Minister, RG Menzies, HE Best,The Honourable FH Hawkins - Ministerand others.

4. Caricatures of PW Pearson, N Storaker, Sir H Schlink, Dr JWS Laidley, K. Bath and Dr EM Fisher.

5. Numerous articles on skiing and the Snowy Scheme.

6. 176 items Ex Libris HH Schlink, including books.

7. Early newspaper articles including on from Australian Ski Club members (H Schlink was the President) \"Kosciusko Jaunt - More Shelters Wanted\"

Schlink Photographs include:

  1. Opening of Schlink Pass 29 April 1961
  2. Workmen on Schlink Pass
  3. Early Days at the Hotel Kosciusko
  4. Skating at the Hotel
  5. Group with a map
  6. Group at Thredbo (allen, Munro, Dawson, Reed, Schlink)
  7. Schlink at Guthega Dam
  8. Group at Thredbo site (Schlink, Dawson, Teece, Allen, Reed, Munro)
  9. Schlink and colleague
  10. St Anton in Tyrol at Thredbo
  11. Statue of Sir Herbert Schlink (X3)
  12. Old Hotel Kosciusko
  13. H Schlink Mapping for the SMA
  14. Looking upstream from the Downhill Ski Course.

Schlink Publications

  1. "Skiing Experiences in Europe" - 1929
  2. "The Lure of Australias Snowfields" - 1926
  3. "A Days Skiing on the Muniong Ranges" - Students Magazine, St Johns College UOS 1928.
  4. "Skiing from Kiandra to Kosciusko July 28-30 1927" - Article from the Sydney Mail 31 August 1927
  5. Plus other leaflets and itinerarys.

Australian Newspapers Online - 1803 to 1954

The National Library of Australia (NLA), has electronically published all major Australian newspapers from 1803 to 1954.

Click here to open the site in a new window.

This is an invaluable resource for research, and contains much material on the huts and life of the early High Country settlers.

An complete scan of the newspapers is available, with electronically converted text. I would encourage you to create an account and correct the text for huts articles you feel are important. The electronic conversion process is not ideal, and if everyone corrected just a few articles, the complete full text of this wonderful resource would be even better.

A sample of the types of searches and number of relevant articles found, conducted by Graham Scully, is:

Kiandra 24650 articles
Paupong 145 articles
McGufficke 31 articles
Toolong Diggings 104 articles
Ligars Track 850 articles