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Victorian High Country Huts Association - 2017 Calendar

From our sister organisation down south, The Victorian High Country Huts Association

Calendar 600x600


The VHCHA have produced a 2017 Huts Calendar

You can purchase these from their store by clicking on the folowing link:

"VHCHA - Huts Merchandise Store"





KHA Caps and Beanies

CapsFor sale:

Green or Blue Caps $15
100% wool beanies - nice and warm! $20




Postage: $8.50


To order phone Bob Moon on 0419713964 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Music from Bob Guy

Bob Guy - musician and KHA committee member - has written and performs this song in appreciation of Bob Hughes, the builder of 4 Mile Hut.

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Vale: John Hamilton

 John Hamilton, KAC Collection

John Hamilton was a popular President of KHA in the 1990’s. He passed away on 25/6/2016.

John was an extremely active hands-on President and huts maintenance man, who loved the snowy mountains – being an active bushwalker, camper & XC skier.





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Gladys Weston - Early 20th Century Reminisces - 1988 interview

In 1988, Rosemary Curry recorded the following interview with Gladys Weston. Gladys Weston: After Pop got a letter, he'd have to Read More

Grey Mare Murals

Have you ever wondered why the murals existed? ...a letter to KHA from Ian Ritchie... Read More

Nordic Ski Club - Far Bald Mt 2009

Story compiled by George Copeland. all photos Nordic Ski Club Participants: Craig Austin, Kenn Clacher, John Croker, James Cryer, Chris Read More
Mountains of Memories - Chapter 12

Mountains of Memories - Chapter 12

CHAPTER 12 - DARTMOOR - THE COLDEST PLACE ON EARTH AND A ROYAL HORSE. For sheer cold, for pure numbness of spirit Read More
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