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Caretaker report: CSIRO Rabbit Research Hut

csiro 2 omoon 08102004

The purpose of our recent visit to the hut was to complete a visual inspection of the hut and to carry out a general tidy up in and around the hut.

I can report that the hut is obviously well cared for by visitors and that there was very little build up of tree fall around the building.

Of concern is the water which is entering the ceiling space above the front door.The stain is obvious but what is of real concern is the damage being done to the ceiling.

This is starting to sag and will in time cause a panel to drop.It is our intention to return in spring and fill the gap in the flashing ,which most likely, is to blame.

Not many people visit this hut but those that do express their appreciation for this little hut in the woods.



Caretaker, CSIRO Hut, Gungarlin Valley

Building Cootapatamba Hut

From Artur Baumhammer - the son of one of the builders.

When I perused the album “HISTORIC HUTS AND HOMESTEADS OF KOSCIUSZKO NATIONAL PARK” and came to pages 98 & 99, it certainly brought back many memories. My late father Willi Baumhammer and his two (2) offsiders were responsible for the erection and construction of the COOTAPATAMBA Hut and Gauging Station.

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Have you thought about caretaking a hut?

Have you thought about caretaking but don’t know where to start?

In recent months there has been a lot of interest from members wanting to become caretakers. Many like the idea of caretaking but are uncertain about what is involved and whether or not they have the skills and time to take on the job. Consequently whilst keen, they are also hesitant.

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Frightening weather!

The Secretary received a letter recently...

KHA 09 Feb 2016

We sought refuge in some of your huts - more frequently than we wanted to due to frightening weather - while bushwalking during January & February.

Here is a donation.


Sam and Dave

BTW O'Keefe's Hut Log is full.

Donation gratefully received. Thank you Sam and Dave.

Coming in from the other Side

An article by Carolyn MacDonald Photos: Carolyn Macdonald While volunteering on the Orange Hawkweed program this year I learnt from Read More
Kell Hut History

Kell Hut History

Extract from Kells Hut Conservation Study, prepared by David Scott, September 1990. Special acknowledgment is made to the contributions of Read More

Ted Winter - Ski Making

  In the 1950s people idolised champion sports people whatever their sport. Ted Winter was a champion in the true Read More

A History of the Mountain Huts

The huts in the high country were built by stockmen, prospectors, recreational fishermen, skiers and the Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Authority Read More
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